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BVCA response to Warwick Business School report

In what follows, I and my co-authors respond to criticism voiced by the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) about a study we conducted. The original BVCA press release can be found here . A new paper by Geoffrey Wood of Warwick Business School, Marc Goergen of Cardiff University and Noel O'Sullivan of Loughborough University - 'The Employment Consequences of Private Equity Acquisitions: The Case Of Institutional Buy Outs' - looks at the changes to employment and productivity in companies that have been the subject of institutional buyouts (IBOs) compared to matched companies that did not receive such a buyout. The paper looks at an initial total of 106 IBOs undertaken over the period 1997 to 2006. This is in the context of 2,200 management buyouts (MBOs) and 500 management buy-ins (MBIs) [1] taking place in the UK over the same time period. As it makes explicit, the study focuses "exclusively on the employment consequences of institutiona