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Approach adopted by "International Corporate Governance"

N.B. This textbook now exists in  a new, 2018 version  published by Cengage and with a different title ("Corporate Governance. A Global Perspective"). I had been toying for a long time with the idea of writing a textbook on corporate governance. However, it was only when I moved to Cardiff Business School and was asked to teach an entire course on corporate governance that I seriously started thinking about this. When I was designing the course I felt uneasy about adopting one of the existing textbooks. I found these to be very limited in terms of their scope and their view of corporate governance. Not only were these textbooks Anglo-centric, but they also limited corporate governance to accountability and compliance. My view is that corporate governance is much more than this.The main approach I took in my book is to study the conflicts of interests that corporations may suffer from. The book also adopts an international approach, comparing the advantages and drawbacks of

Corporate governance crossword