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International Corporate Governance – Translations

The highly acclaimed textbook  International Corporate Governance  has now been published in a Chinese translation by  China Machine Press  and a Greek translation by Diplographia . The Chinese version is available from  Amazon China . The Greek version includes a comprehensive 65-page introduction on the Greek corporate governance system by  Dr. Panagiotis Staikouras ,  Assistant Professor, University of Piraeus.  The original English version was published by  Pearson Education  and is available  in print  as well as via  Kindle  and  Vitalsource . Endorsements on the back cover: 'An excellent textbook which truly stands out. It is better than any book on corporate governance that I have seen',  Luc Renneboog, Tilburg University 'Marc Goergen's book on corporate governance is by far the best textbook that has been published on the topic. He has done a wonderful job of covering the topics from a global perspective and I strongly recommend it to all scholars